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IT Expert Jim Thomas City of Hope Discusses 5 Apps That Can Keep You From Getting Bored at Home

IT expert Jim Thomas City of Hope discusses the five apps that can keep you from getting bored at home.

RANCHO MISSION VIEJO, CA / MAY 29, 2020 / Stay-at-home orders are keeping Americans indoors, and many are finding it difficult to stay busy. Thankfully, smartphones are a gateway to countless games, social media applications, and more to keep Americans entertained while staying at home this spring. IT expert Jim Thomas City of Hope recently discussed the top five most popular apps to stay occupied and prevent boredom during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

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“Occupying your mind doesn’t mean you have to scroll through social media or watch comical but pointless YouTube videos,” Jim Thomas City of Hope says. “You can develop new skills and stimulate your brain with a number of boredom-busting and useful apps.”

Jim Thomas City of Hope recommends the brain training app Luminosity for keeping your brain challenged while having fun too. This app is known to boost memory, spatial awareness, and other skills that can help improve your daily life. Jim Thomas City of Hope explains that the games are fully entertaining too.

“Another exciting app that combines exercising the brain and entertainment is MindSnacks,” Jim Thomas City of Hope says. “I open this app when I’m feeling like I’ve been staring at Social Media too long and need to do something beneficial for my brain.”

MindSnacks is an award-winning app that helps kids and adults develop vocabulary and learn new languages. The interactive games make it difficult to believe you’re actually studying a new language. Similarly, Jim Thomas City of Hope recommends the puzzle game Flow Free. This game can occupy hours and expand the mind with challenging puzzles.

“There are a lot of activities we can’t enjoy with friends right now, and apps can help us feel a little closer to normalcy,” Jim Thomas City of Hope says. “Can You Escape is an exciting app that replicates the ‘escape room’ experience. It challenges the brain and is a definite must-download for fans of escape rooms.”

Finally, Jim Thomas City of Hope explains that sometimes people just want to be entertained without racking their brains. The trending game Player’s Unknown Battleground is perfect for just that. This extremely popular online battle game can be played with friends and is solely for having fun.

“We all have a bit more time to kill at home right now,” Jim Thomas City of Hope says. “Brain-testing and just plain entertaining games can help take some of the monotony out of staying home for so many continuous days. We should all be thankful for technology right now.”

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Jim Thomas City of Hope

Jim Thomas City of Hope Discusses How Digital Technology Can Help Improve Employee Productivity 

IT expert Jim Thomas City of Hope recently discussed how digital technology can help improve employee productivity and a business’ bottom line.

Rancho Mission Viejo, CA / MAY 29, 2020 / Technology has been proven to provide numerous benefits to most businesses. Information technology expert Jim Thomas City of Hope recently discussed how digital technology has a positive impact on employee productivity, and ultimately, a business’ bottom line.

First, Jim Thomas City of Hope states that technology improves workplace productivity by helping executives determine a company’s exact needs. It can help you understand where your efficiencies and deficiencies are now, and how you can compound on them or make required changes. Jim Thomas City of Hope states that technology can help companies determine if the programs and apps they’re using are meeting their needs, or if they need to make upgrades to increase productivity.

“One of the biggest benefits we see from the latest advancements in technology is the ability to communicate so quickly and in so many forms,” Jim Thomas City of Hope explains. “New apps like Slack and Tribe allow multiple people within the company and beyond to communicate in a matter of seconds. We’re no longer waiting hours or days for email responses.”

Jim Thomas City of Hope also describes that communication technologies help reduce the chance of miscommunication, which can cost businesses a lot of money. He cites a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management, which stated smaller companies, with roughly 100 employees, lose around $420,000 each year due to miscommunications.

Experts like Jim Thomas City of Hope also explain that technology makes it possible for employees to work and stay productive from anywhere. Apps like DeskTime allow companies to track where and when employees are working. It can show how much time the employee is spending working on a certain project or using viewing their friends’ profiles on Facebook.

“These technologies are holding employees accountable in ways we just haven’t been able to in the past,” Jim Thomas City of Hope says. “It’s not designed to catch the employees wasting time, but it’s designed to provide superior efficiency. Employees are happy to stay on task and complete projects more quickly as well.”

Jim Thomas City of Hope explains that advancements in technology are a win-win for everyone at the company. He describes that many employees can now work remotely when they would have had to be in an office setting in the past. Jim Thomas City of Hope remarks that executives, employees, and customers are all receiving faster and clearer communication.

“Technology improves employee productivity, and it improves employee satisfaction,” Jim Thomas City of Hope says. It’s a definite plus for any company that properly implements the right technology for their needs.”